Queretaro modern clean and historic


Queretaro is an excellent inland city, like by vacation tourist and business traveller alike. It prides its self on being a colonial city and a new modern city at the same time. It boasts of many awards due to its heritage and future. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Queretaro was also recognized as the best quality of life city and as the safest city in Mexico to live or for a trip. It has a booming economy, many new home developments a working government all with a moderate climate.

Queretaro historical district was laid out initially in 1530’s. Building of the first monasteries was started by the Franciscans and later with the Jesuits. It began a building boom in the 17th and 18th centuries some of which is still visible. The city was unique because originally the indigenous and Spanish lived side by side in similar living conditions. By the 1655 it was officially designated a city and only Spanish were allowed to live in the city center. Few of the early buildings still remain after the many rebellions and battles; most of the historic downtown is 17th century Baroque style.

The aqueduct of Querétaro is still the cities most recognizable manmade structure. It was build the Marquis del Villa del Aguilar to bring water to the city and to his house. It crosses the valley and had the original Pan-American Highway run underneath it. Once a rail way line did also but it was closed because of damage it was doing to the aqueduct.

Present day Queretaro maintains most of its city administration in the downtown historical district. This helps the area by providing a working base for restaurants and stores. The churches are all active with services and schools. Any day you visit you will see city workers cleaning and maintaining the district. Both Standard & Poor's and the newspaper Reforma have ranked Querétaro as one of the safest cities to live in with the highest quality of life in Mexico.

The City also boast of above average income from the rest of Mexico. This can be seen in the number of new restaurants and shopping centers. Largest is the Antea LifeStyle Center Mall (Antea Mall) three stories of shops, restaurants, and cinema. They claim to be the largest mall in Mexico and Latin America.

The mall also has the City Market, a chain specializing in upscale shopping. Think of it as a Whole Foods on steroids. It has everything and better, sushi bar, tapa bar, cafe, and an impressive grocery store too.

Housing in the city offers a historic district, older established neighborhoods, new sprawling sub-divisons, and 20 story high rises. For a new 3 bedroom place you will be looking at $110,000 to $160,000 USD, not cheap. The city is large enough nearby bedroom communities are starting to appear and the older home in the historical district are being renovated.