San Sebastián Bernal Querétaro


San Sebastián Bernal is one of the world’s largest rocks. At over 1,000 feet tall it is visible for miles around it has probably drawn visitors for thousands of years. Today many visitors to this destination hike or climb to its summit or day trip below to the city San Sebastian Bernal.

The town is a cross between Sedona, Arizona and Zermatt, Switzerland. Like Sedona the rock is suppose to have magical energy and draws thousands of faithful on the equinoxes. Without the rock the town of San Sebastian Bernal would have no reason to be there just like Zermatt at the Matterhorn. 

The town is a great visit. It has less than 700 homes; cobble stone streets, quaint hotels, nice gift shops and restaurants. San Sebastian Bernal is the quintessential small Mexican town. A well cared for church, a plaza with a rotunda.  We have all seen the pristine locations overrun with tourist much to the annoyance of the local citizens. I looked around at 20 tourist, no locals and started to get depressed.

Then it happened, school was out. Suddenly the plaza was over run with children, oblivious to the tourist, the plaza was their place. They sat around in groups rehashing the day’s events, plans for the evening, going over homework. The tough guys lit cigarettes, the young couples held hands and tired to sneak kisses behind the bushes. Soon parents and grandparents started arriving to pick up their children. Off they went to shop for dinner or just to look around. It was their town not mine.

San Sebastian Bernal is located off highway 57 and the Queretaro airport about a 30-minute drive. It IS a huge rock and you will be able to see it miles before the turn off. It will draw you like a magnet just like first people in the valley a thousand years ago.