Toluca, Edomex


Toluca, officially Toluca de Lerdo is a large industrial municipality on the outskirts of Mexico City. It has an old historical downtown with a huge center, Plaza de los Mártires circled by state and city buildings. Next to this is a tourist friendly pedestrian area, the Zócalo, surrounded by archways. A good place to hire that Mariachi band you need for tomorrow. Toluca is also known for being the chorizo and green chorizo capital of Mexico. The city also located next to Nevado de Toluca, a unique Mexican National Park featuring a two-lake volcano accessible by car with hiking biking and camping. The city of Toluca is located at 8,800 feet and the park is at 15,000 this is not a hot humid beach city; winters can be very cold and dry.

It is located in the industrial heart of Mexico. Most car manufacturers have a large footprint in the city and have since the 1960's. Manufacturing started arriving in the city during the 1940's. Presently the area boasts of 5 huge industrial parks with a who's who of national and international companies represented. Toluca has another claim to fame, horrible traffic. The new commuter rail line will help ease the Mexico City to Toluca commute and is nearing completion now. It has been a long overdue project much changed and bloated from the original ideal and price.